After forming in September of 1991, six (6) ambitious years of touring and recording had eventually brought this trio to the surface. By 1997 with their 3rd full length release completed, Liquid Image had been featured in over 13 nationally distributed surf videos, making the band a communal name throughout the surf industry. Finding themselves immersed in high energy sound tracks with great giants like Helmet, Offspring, Face To Face, Buck-O-Nine, Pennywise, and Sprung Monkey, Liquid Image made some ground which aided in the sale of over 2000 copies of their 2nd release, "Drain", which became available in over 50 stores throughout Florida including Spec's Music, Best Buy, and Blockbuster Music.

Originally from Florida, the band decided to concentrate the promotion along the east coast. College radio, magazine advertisements, and cable television extreme sports programs became the major medium in which was used to gain popularity. Air play was focused towards college stations like WFIT, WUTZ,WVUM, WCPR, WFIN,WBUL,WKGC,WMNF, and commercial stations WFNX in Boston and Surf 107 in Wilmington, NC. Late summer hurricane season touring of the eastern U.S. allowed for scoring countless waves and playing filled venues. All tours were accompanied by surf video premieres to assure maximum stoke.

In 1999 Liquid Image played their last Florida show with Unwritten Law before permanently relocating to San Diego in an attempt to step it up. The group's 5th release would be "Molotov Cocktail Party", containing some explosive tracks that will be sure to leave any listener smoldering in their hole.